A cliffhanger opera 

by and with FRANZ STUTTGART: Billy Roisz (live music) and Anat Stainberg (text, voice)

Encouraged by a lot of TV..HIGHLIGHTS AND HEADACHES is a series of futuristic-dystopian stories, inspired by Philip K. Dick or Fahrenheit 451 and the like. Accompanied, colored and counterpointed by abstract, morphing soundscapes. Using electronic music and electric bass, the listening mode is redefined over and over again, creating new and constantly changing atmospheres. 

HIGHLIGHTS AND HEADACHES stories are always told towards a ‘cliffhanger’ only to move, non-linearly, to a next futuristic endless bit of a story.. as the sound takes over the lead and determine the density of the moment.. and the listener could loose orientation in the mess of details and highlights.

Cinema for the ears.

Trailer is recorded live @ echoraum Vienna / Oct 2020