Solo exhibition of the series BODY FORMS 2018 – 2022          @ Echoraum, Vienna.

2022 // Anat Stainberg: an everlasting performance // solo exhibition

Cut to four. 4x100cm x 150cm. Acrylic and pencil on paper. 2021 (documentation from the exhibition at the Echoraum, Vienna)

‘The paintings are a kind of a blueprint of the sensations of this body in this specific moment of making. My body forms, as a verb, not just as an adjective.. like in improvisation dance exercises – painting is just as physical.. ‘

the exhibition was accompanied two live performances and a booklet; ‘assorted works and one conversation‘.                    Graphic design Wolfgang Gosch, conversation with Gerda Lampalzer.


Ausstellung Vernissage January 2022

Live performance: The embodiment of images

The gallery is considered a dramatic space; artists from diverse disciplines are invited react to the Body Forms painting and create a morphing live proposal including the physical body of the performers, the body of sound, the body of light, the remixed Body Forms from the 3D printer and of course the body of the audience.

With participation of:
 Anna Anderluh (voice) · Vinicius Cajado (contrabass) · Stephanie Cumming
 (Performance) · Dominik Grünbühel (Performance) · Andreas Joska (3D-Remix) · Daniel Biegger (light)


Ausstellung Finissage February 2022

Live performance: The embodiment of words

A conversation about the work of Anat Stainberg will serve the performers as material starting point for an improvised session considering the body of work, the body of makers, the body of instruments, the body of space and the body of voice.

With participation of:
 Katharina Klement (piano) · Nina Fog (text performance) · Florian Tröbinger (text perofrmance) · Gerda Lampalzer (Interview text) · Anat Stainberg (performance)