2016 – 17        Coaching Intensivlehrgang at E.S.B.A.Vienna.

2004 – 6         Graduated with scholarship and Diploma from DasArts a postgraduate institution for advanced research and studies in Theater film and dance, Amsterdam.

1995 – 8          Yoram Levinstein Acting School, Tel Aviv.

1992 – 4          Tel Aviv University– BA program studies in Film Theatre, and Anthropology of Africa.


Teaching and coaching:


2020              Seminar at the interdisciplinary summer school of the gender research department in the university of Vienna.

2019               Teaching at Forum Alpbach, Alpbach Austria.

2016 – 19       Individual and group trainings, presentation skill coaching.


2015               Teaching at Impulstanz festival, Vienna and SEAD, Salzburg.

2013 – 15        Teaching at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, at the performance department.

2004 – 6          Conducted workshops for film directors at SAE sound and film school in Amsterdam.

1999 – 02        Teaching a weekly course at the Nisan Nativ acting school in Tel Aviv.


Acting, performing, collaborating:


2020 :             WHAT IF. The making of a character. text and performance. Hosted by Medienwerkstatt Wien. supported by MA7 and BKA.

2018 – 20 :      The Bruno Kreisky Lookalike. Episodes 1 – 10. Acting the role of a psychoanalyst Dr. Dora Hartmann. Regie:Yosi Wanunu. Nestroy Prize 2019. Production of Toxic Dreams and WUK Vienna.

2019 :              15ʹ STARDUST. Live Performance. Writing and performance, collaboration with light artist Martina Tritthart. Performed as part of ‘Reaching for the stars’, co- production of Philomena and Kubatur in Fluc Vienna, and Raw Matters, Vienna.

2019:              Eh Rachel. Acting. Art-house short movie. Regie: Ana Hoffner.

2019 :              KRANK IN EUROPA by Otmar Wagner, performing. Co-production WUK Vienna.

2018 :              ORDINARY CREATURES. Feature film. Acting. Regie: Thomas Marschall (Out 2020).

2018 :              To The Limelights, a solo exhibition in the gallery Sternstudio 1020. A decade of self-portraits in paintings and videos.

2017 :              Interactive reality check, coaching dialogue in a sound installation. Performed in the  VERTEX! A three day mixed reality exhibition and performances, invitation of “FUCKHEAD” for WUK, Vienna.

2017 :              Morton Feldman says. Acting. Regie:Yosi Wanunu. Production of Toxic Dreams and TQW.

2017 :              Zapping. Story telling musical by and with Franz von Stuttgart (text and voice performance Anat Stainberg, sound Billy Roisz). Performed at ‘Der blöde dritte Mittwoch’, in the RHIZ Vienna.

2016 :              Reigen (the making of a post porn Schnitzler), acting. Regie: Yosi Wanunu and Haiko Pfost. A production of WERK X, Vienna.

2016 :              Thomas B or Not, acting. Co-production of Toxic Dreams and brut Wien. Regie: Yosi Wanunu.

2015 – 17 :      Self-Character-Act, a monologue performance. Writing and acting. Performed in Festival Legeartis Lech, in Im Ersten Gallery Vienna, in school as part of the series ‘performative screenings’, in the Rihz, in brut Wien and as part of the performative installations VERTEX in WUK, invitation of the band FUCKHEAD.

2014 :              ESPECIALLY FOR THE OPENING, a performance for the opening of the exhibition COPIE NON CONFORME, curated by Amina Handke, at the Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna.

2013 :              SPLITTER, an audio-visual concert performance. Writing development and performance. Collaboration with video artist and musician Billy Roisz. Supported by by Stadt Wien Kultur MA7. Co-production of brut Wien and DOUBLE DOUBLE.

2011 :              MESHES TO MESHES 2, soundtrack composition for Meshes of the afternoon, a silent short movie by Maya Deren 1940. A collaboration with Billy Roisz. Comissioned by Lisa Kortschak for brut Wien.

 2010 :              THINGS,a site specific exhibition for performances. Curated and orchestraited by A. Stainberg; with contributions from the artists Otobong Nkanga, Radek Hewelt and Hans Bryssinck. premiered on February 2010 at the Carla Mittersteig (a furniture second hand shop). Co-production of mediated meetings and brut Wien. Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur and BMUKK.

2009 :              Hide and Seek, a ‘private performance’, a sound environment and ‘kid games’ with the audience, part of the X Wohnungen performances. Production of brut Wien.

 2008 :              THE LOOP, 10 min video, a fiction documentary exploring the 1924 stage design and presentations of the architect and artist Frederick Kiesler in Vienna. First presented as part of the performance THE LOOP in brut in Konzerthaus. Later exhibited in the ÖSTERREICHISCHES THEATERMUSEUM (the Austrian theater museum) as part of the exhibition ‘Buehne und Raum ‘ (stage and space) 2009 – 10.

2007 :              A Concert Performance, a collaboration with the duo RASHIM performed at the ‘Wien Modern’ a contemporary music festival in Vienna.

2007 :              The Way In, a video registration of intervention in public space was presented and performed live at the opening night, June 07, in Platform 21 Gallery Amsterdam. Created while an Artist-In-Residence in the project ‘free spaces AIR’, an initiative of the Zuidas Virtual Museum (ZVM) January – June 07.

2006 :              Now Or Never, an installation performance, collaboration with Norberto Llopis Segara, was presented and performed in the Kunstvlaai 6, a visual art fair / festival in Amsterdam, may 06. Exhibited (performed once a week) in the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam Oct – Nov 06.

2006 :              Holiday Pictures Project, an installation performance dealing with Middle East conflict / options.  premiered in the Tanzquartier in Vienna (curated by Ong Keng Sen) April 06. Was part of the ‘Art in War’ festival – a production of the ‘Vrede Van Utrecht’ at the Schouwburg Utrecht, September 06. Performed during the DasArts and Victoria de Bank festival June 2007, in Schrattenberg Austria, during the ‘Hotel Pupik’ presentations August 07, And in brut Wien, June 08. Last performed in theater Nestroyhof Hamakom, vienna 2009. The project was co-produced by DasArts Amsterdam and ‘Vrede Van Utrecht’.

2005 :              Untitled Yet, a multi media self portrait. Performed in De Apple Gallery in Amsterdam, the Frascati theaterAmsterdam and the Filmhuise Den Haag as part of the PEK film festival Den Haag (2005 – 6), last performed in brut Wien June 08.

2005 :              Best of, a collaboration with the choreographer Alexandra Bachtzesis –suggesting performativety at its best; performed in the SMAK, a museum for contemporary art in Gent Belgium, and in the MARTAH, Herfurd Germany and in the Museum KUNST-PALAST Düsseldorf Germany.

2004 :              Exactly a week since we spoke last. Fiction documentary video. Writing developing and acting the main character. Broadcast in the VPRO channel in the Dutch TV, participated in the Italian film festival UNIMOVIE, in the Bangkok festival videoexperimental 08 and in the Kunstfestivaal Scheltma in Leiden, NL 08.

1999 :              Participated in Israeli TV and theater productions: the TV series ‘Eight minutes a day’, written and directed by Uzi Wail 2002, and in the Dusseldorf Schaushpielhaus production, ‘You are also very attractive when you are dead’ written by Arnon Grunberg.