‘UNTITLED YET’, A multi media selfportrait, Video, Performance, Installation.

By using several media at the same time, sound video and live actions, the performance becomes a timed well, multi layered, visual and content proposal. The performance/performer digs deep into a moment, a topic, a mood. Mixing fiction and reality, live acts and video happenings, serving the audience with a multitude of associations and perspectives; while exposing exploring and never admitting to a thing.

It is a breathing art piece re-created and presented with different focus points each time. Relying on a system of media parallels to create new meanings and to confuse well based understandings. ‘Failing or fitting in’ to the expectations of the inviting venue.

Performed in De Apple gallery, Amsterdam (may 2005), the Frascati theatre Amsterdam (June 2005) subtitled: ‘The falling in-love, this time its, for the right guy’, PEK Film Festival Den Haag (November 2005) subtitled ‘Poetics of the non-perfect’, and brut Wien (June 08) subtitled: ‘Fearless investigation into amusement’.

Untitled Yet june 09 from natiyooo on Vimeo.