theatre acting


„The Unreal Housewives of Vienna vs. The Unreal Housewives of Graz“ is a performance piece inspired by the Reality TV franchise „The Real Housewives“. But rather than doing impressions of the housewives, the show inclined to explore the housewives as characters in a play, multifaceted and rich in metaphor. They can be interpreted as ghosts of the capitalist dream and symbols of a shrinking difference between reality and fiction. But, perhaps most importantly, they should be seen as performance artists worthy of being taken seriously. In a time when everyone with a smartphone carries a camera on them at all times, the show asks questions about what it means to be captured on film, how people change when they know the camera is on them, and how people release themselves when they think the cameras are off. „The Unreal Housewives of Vienna vs. The Unreal Housewives of Graz“ is a docu-soap that eliminates anything other than the central drama of people being famous on TV.

Housewives of Vienna: Stephanie Cumming, Susanne Gschwendtner, Isabella Händler, Anat Stainberg
Housewives of Graz: Barbara Carli, Rosa Degen-Faschinger, Bea Dermond, Gudrun Maier
Bühne: Götz Bury, Paul Horn Musik: Michael Strohmann Kleider: Susanne Bisovsky Maske: Eliese Bernard
Konzept und Regie: Yosi Wanunu 
Produktion: Kornelia Kilga for Toxic Dreams.