In a series of brief ephemeral light sculptures, Anat Stainberg and Martina Tritthart evoke associations of the Milky Way or Spiral Nebula to suggest the transience of glory and splendor.

 Rays of light are actually not visible themselves, but every object they meet on their way becomes visible through reflection. By reflecting back, even the smallest particles like dust or fog, will accumulate to a visible ray-of-light-volume. 

 Equivalently, we look into associations and metaphors connected to light as a cultural concept – enabling us to see and be seen, noticed, exposed, show up or appear under the glittering lights.. together with the fame and glamour attached to these connotations in the digital-social-media, success oriented and Youtube kind of society we live in.

 Commissioned by the Viennese art space Philomena+

 Performed at the Fluc Kubator, as part of the program in Raw Matters and in Künstlerhaus 1050 during 2019.

 15’STARDUST is collaboration with light-artist and architect Martina Tritthart.